Bachelor and master thesis works

Thesis works for ECL "bachelor"
6.050202 – Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies
Graduates 2017

Mariia Andreiko Computer-aided calculation of the manufacture of epoxyethane download abstract
Andrii Antropov Computer-aided calculation of the technological process of catalytic oxidation of methanol in combined reactor download abstract
Alona Arkhipova Computer-aided calculation of ethanol production process download abstract
Dmytro Hryshkov Computer-aided calculation of purge wastewater desalination in reverse water consumption system download abstract
Ali Khamіetov Computer-aided calculation of the production of 1,2-dichloroethane process download abstract
Anna Khamіetova Computer-aided calculation of cyclohexanone production process download abstract
Tetiana Khoroshko Computer-aided calculation of steam plasma gasification of solid carbonaceous wastes process download abstract
Ruslan Kravchuk Computer-aided calculation of ammonium nitrate production process download abstract
Yevheniia Kulyk The ammonia production from the coke oven gas download abstract
Oleksandr Pastushenko Computer-aided calculation of the process of obtaining secondary polyethylene terephthalate download abstract
Vladyslav Potaskalov Computer-aided calculation of the oxidation process of ammonia in the production of dilute nitric acid in a large-capacity aggregate download abstract
Kateryna Sorokina Computer-aided calculation of process of dehydration and granulation in a fluidized layer download abstract
Vladyslav Stadnik Computer-aided calculations of the production process of vinyl chloride by hydrochlorination of acetylene download abstract
Vitaly Trishch Computer-aided calculation of methanal production process download abstract
Anna Vashkevych Computer-aided calculation of propanone-2 production process download abstract
Karyna Vovnenko Computer-aided calculation of obtaining ethanolamine process download abstract

Thesis works for ECL "master" 
8.05020202 - Computer-Integrated Technological Processes and Production
Graduates 2017

Cherniak Artem Quantum chemical calculations of the potential energy of the interaction surface of water molecules with the titanium dioxide edge download abstract
Chystyakov Bohdan Computer-aided simulation of non-stationary processes of transition metals oxidation download abstract
Denysiuk Mariia Modeling of adsorption capacity organic compounds from quantum chemical calculations download abstract
Matsibura Oleksandr Computer-integrated system for modeling of disposal process of liquid radioactive waste download abstract
Vekshyn Serhii Modeling of sorption extraction of cesium and strontium from liquid radioactive solutions download abstract

Thesis works for ECL "bachelor"

6.050202 – Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies
Graduates 2016

Kateryna Borovikova Computer-aided calculation of biological treatment process of domestic sewage download abstract
Roman Vasylenko Computer-aided calculation of formaldehyde production by oxidation of methanol download abstract
Illia Zhurbenko Computer-aided calculation of methanol production from synthesis gas. download abstract
Yurii Zakharchuk Computer-aided calculation of isopropylbenzene production process download abstract
Yana Zakharchuk Computer-aided calculation of pulp washing process in rotary filters download abstract
Kateryna Illiashenko Computer-aided calculation of high pressure polyethylene production by continuous method download abstract
Maksym Kurochenko Computer-aided calculation of propan-2-one production process download abstract
Valeriia Marchenko Сomputer-aided calculation of ammonium sulfate dehydration and granulation processes download abstract
Olha Mysyk Сomputer-aided calculation of water absorption of ammonia from purge gases download abstract
Tetiana Potapenko Computer-aided calculation of natural gas conversion in production of nitric acid download abstract
Dmytro Fomenko Computer-aided calculation of phenol hydrogenation process download abstract
Oleh Tsimbolinets Computer-aided calculation of hydrochloric acid production by submerged combustion download abstract
Dmytrii Shahan Computer-aided calculation of hydrochloric acid production by submerged combustion download abstract

Thesis works for ECL "master" 
8.05020202 - Computer-Integrated Technological Processes and Production
Graduates 2016

Vaschuk D.V. Computer modeling of the kinetics of organic synthesis of unsymmetrical ethers download abstract
Harmash R.V. Computer modeling of the interaction of molecules of oxygen to the face of anatase download abstract
Mynko O.V. Algorithm for eco-effective solutions support based on life cycle assessment of product systems download abstract
Motsna O.Yu. Computer-integrated system for monitoring and forecasting the quality of water bodies download abstract
Ryzhko M.V. Simulation of nanosystems of xerogels with functional sulfur-containing groups download abstract
Skoretska I.I. Modelling of heterogeneous catalytic reduction process of aldehydes and ketones download abstract
Suprunenko K.S. Simulation of the water purification process of organic-inorganic ion exchanger download abstract
Skoretskyi D.O. Computer-microprocessor control system of technological processes download abstract

Thesis works for ECL "bachelor"

6.050202 – Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies
Graduates 2015

Vekshyn Sergii Computer-aided calculation of styrene preparation by ethylbenzene dehydrogenation  
download abstract
Denysiuk Мaria Computer-aided calculation of vinyl chloride preparation by ethyne hydrochlorination download abstract
Kulibchenko Valerii Computer-aided calculation of catalytic oxidation of sulfur dioxide in production of sulfuric acid download abstract
Matsibura Olexandr Computer-aided calculation of gas phase polymerization of propylene download abstract
Panasiuk Roman Computer-aided calculation of isopropylbenzene preparation  download abstract
Peknyy Stepan Computer-aided calculation of methanol preparation  download abstract
Slyusar Yevhen

Computer-aided calculation of ammonia oxidation in production of nitric acid

download abstract
Cherniak Artem Computer-aided calculation of carbamide synthesis download abstract
Chystyakov Bogdan Computer-aided calculation of  phenol hydrogenation process download abstract
Yankauskaite Valentyna Computer-aided calculation of  flocculant preparation based on secondary polyethylenterephtalate download abstract

Thesis works for ECL "master" 
8.05020202 - Computer-Integrated Technological Processes and Production
Graduates 2015

Afonin Hennadii Simulation of nickel ions extraction from combined solutions using polymer and organic-inorganic ion-exchange resin  download abstract
Bezsinnyi Dmytro Life-cycle assessment system of atmospheric corrosion inhibitors based on organic compounds from plant wastes download abstract
Vynohradov Yevhen Сontrol of specific water treatment of the 2nd circuit of NPP with WWPR-1000 reactor download abstract
Zholudieva Oksana Computer integrated process of plasma chemical processing of materials with organic component download abstract
Maslikevych Viktor Modeling of transition metals oxidation in thermodynamic instability region of higher oxides download abstract
Nabok Olexandr Modeling of gas stream purification in cyclone dust collector download abstract
Chervinskyi Vasyl Modeling and optimization of  biopolymer materials formation processes download abstract