Dzhygyrey Iryna

2012 – present: Associate professor of the Department Cybernetics of Chemical Technology Processes (CCTP Dept.), NTUU 'KPI'. 2009-2012: Assistant lecturer of CCTP Dept., NTUU 'KPI'. 2006-2009: Assistant of CCTP Dept., NTUU 'KPI'. Other current positions. 2007 – present: researcher at CCTP Dept. of NTUU 'KPI', 2013 present: Head of the Laboratory for Monitoring of Environmental Sustainability (World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development), 2011-2014: co-author and co-lecturer of the "Sustainable Development" course of lectures at Gjøvik University College (GUC, Norway). 

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND. 2007 – Ph.D. (Cand. of Eng. Sci.), thesis «Synthesis and optimization of wastewater treatment networks of industrial plants». 2003-2006 – Post-graduate education in National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» (NTUU 'KPI') by speciality «Water treatment technology». 2003 – Master’s degree in computer integrated technological processes and productions, NTUU 'KPI'. 2001 – Bachelor’s degree in automation and computer integrated technologies, NTUU 'KPI'.

SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITY. Regional environmental sustainability assessment, optimal wastewater treatment systems design, product systems sustainability assessment; research methods: system analysis, optimization, mathematical modeling, life cycle assessment; investigation means: computers in research, computer aided design.

PUBLICATIONS. 2002 - present: 114 publications (26 journal papers, 80 conference proceedings, and 8 m.a. books).

  • Sustainable development analysis: global and regional contexts [Text] / International Council for Science etc.; sci. adv. M. Zgurovsky – K. : NTUU 'KPI', 2014. – Part 1. Global analysis of quality and security of life (2013). – 168 p.
  • Dzhygyrey, I. Optimal wastewater network design [Text] / J. Jeżowski, G. Poplewski, I. Dzhygyrey // Advances in Process System Engineering – Vol. 3. Recent Advances in Sustainable Process Design and Optimization; eds D.C.Y. Foo, M.M. El Halwagi and R.R. Tan. – World Scientific Publishing Co. Pre. Ltd., 2012. – PP. 311-347, 792-796.
  • Statyukha, G. Sustainable resource consumption assessment on LCA's basis [Text] / Gennadiy Statyukha, Bogdana Komarysta, Iryna Dzhygyrey // Computer Aided Chemical Engineering. - Vol. 26. - 2009. - PP. 1111-1116.
  • A simple sequential approach for designing industrial wastewater treatment networks [Text] / Statyukha G.O., Kvitka O.O., Dzhygyrey I.M., Jezowski J. // Journal of Cleaner Production. – 2008. – Vol.16. – N. 2. – P. 215-224.

Participant of international scientific conferences: ECCE (Germany), MMTT (Russia), WCCE (Canada), SSCHE (Slovakia), CHISA/PRES (Czech Republic), IUPAC ICGC (Germany), and others. Member of organizing committee of biannual international scientific-practical conference "Computer Modelling in Chemistry and Technologies and Sustainable Development Systems" (Kyiv, Ukraine) and member of program committee of annual international scientific-practical conference for students and young scientists “Ecology. Human. Society” (Kyiv, Ukraine).

TEACHING ACTIVITY. Courses: Basics of Society’s Sustainable Development, Assessment Methods for Sustainable Development Processes, Computer Technologies, Basis of Software Complexes (statistical data processing and data visualization), Information Technologies (basics of computer science and basics of programming), Computing Mathematics and Programming (algorithmic presentation and programming and numerical methods). 

PROFESSIONAL HONORS. One of the winners of NTUU 'KPI' contest «Young lecturer–researcher – 2007» (see article Dzhygyrey Iryna - the teacher and the scientist in newspaper "Kiev Politechnic".

ORCID record: 0000-0002-8360-447X