Bojko Tetiana

Bojko Tetiana V.

Ph.D. Eng., Associate professor,
Acting Head of the CCTP Department


In 1980 she graduated from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute majoring in "Basic processes of chemical production and chemical cybernetics". Diploma qualification is a chemical engineer-technologist. Boyko T.V. worked in the KPI as an engineer, junior researcher and researcher at industry research laboratory from March 1980 to April 1994. She is Candidate of Technical Sciences since 1994. Thesis were defended on 10 January 1994 by specialty of 05.17.08 "Processes and devices of chemical technology." She took part in the development of computer-aided design systems "Ecology" and "Crocus", a computer learning system "General Ecology".

In the period from April 1994 to December 1997, she was chief specialist at the State Property Fund of Ukraine. In 1998 and 1999 - the chief of department at "Ukrnafta". During this period she is also a senior lecturer and then assistant professor at Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. Since November 1999 she has been working as an associate professor of the Department of Cybernetics of chemical-technological processes at KPI.

Since 2013 she has been acting head of the Department of Cybernetics of CTP.

Ph.: +380(44) 204-82-12 
E-maіl: kxtp @
ORCED-код 0000-0002-9710-8055

Boyko T.V. published more than 110 works among which

  • Gennady Statyukha, Tatyana Bojko, Vladislav Bendyug and Arcady Shakhnovsky Sustainable development in quantitative indicators of technogenic safety assessment // Chemistry & chemical technology, vol. 4, No.1, 2010, - PP. 69-72.
  • Boyko T. Definition of environmental risk as integral criterion in assessing of man-caused load / Boyko T., Abramova A. // Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise TechnologiesISSN 1729-3774 – 2014. - №3/10(69). – PP. 4-8.