Bugaeva Liudmyla

Bugaeva Liudmyla

Ph.D. Eng., Associate professor


0000-0003-2576-6048 ORCID ID


1998–present: Associate professor of the Department Cybernetics of Chemical
1979-1997 Senior scientist of CCTP Dept., NTUU KPI;
1976-1979 Post-graduate education in Kiev Polytechnic Institute.
1974-1976 Assistant of CCTP Dept., NTUU 'KPI'

Responsible for International cooperation of CCTP Dept.


1984 -  Ph.D. (Candidate of Science). Thesis: "Analysis subsystem for automation of process design of wastewater treatment of chemical plants".
1976-1979 - Post-graduate education in Kiyv Polytechnic Institute.
1972 - MS in Math, Kiyv State University, Ukraine.


Computer science and CAD, data mining, artificial intelligence and knowledge-based systems to make decision for technology processes, sustainable development, process simulation and design for industries dealing with treatment of gas and water wastes,; methods and approaches: modeling.
Participant of international scientific conferences: ECCE (Germany), MMTT (Russia), SSCHE (Slovakia), CHISA/PRES (Czech Republic) and others.


  • 01.08.2011 – 30.12.2014 project CPEA-2011/10023 "Sustainable Manufacturing", course coordinator. The project administered by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SIU) and Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • EU Project (INTAS Project): Computer-Aided Tool for Design of Flue Gas Purification. Co-ordinator Prof. A. Gorak (University Dortmund, Germany). Report Ref. N: INTAS UA95-0173 , 1997-1999.
  • Ukrainian (funded by Ministry of Education and Science) projects.