Beznosyk Yuri

BEZNOSYK Yuriy Oleksandrovych

Ph.D. Eng., Associate professor


Teaches disciplines
: Thermodynamics and energy technology, Macrokinetics and chemical hydraulic gas dynamics, Simulation of chemical technological processes and systems, Modeling of energy saving and ecological systems, Mathematical models of chemical reactors.

Scientific schools:

  • simulation of chemical ecological processes and systems;
  • energy saving and ecological systems;
  • systems for gas ejection neutralization;
  • applying intelligent methods for chemical industry’s tasks;
  • modern computer technologies in chemical technology;
  • simulation of harmful ejections purification processes;
  • computational chemistry.

Scientific work takes place in the field of developing and implementation of the modern processes of gas waste purification from dust as well as sulfur, nitrogen, carbon oxides. The works are being conducted to minimize harmful substance ejection into the air using Pinch-analysis.

A department’s 1971-year graduate student with an honor (XK-1 group). He was a part of the first teaching staff of the department of Cybernetics of Chemical Technology Processes. 1975 - 1978 – KPI´s post-graduate student, 1985 – Ph.D. thesis presentation, 1990 – assistant professor. 1987 - Probation in Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Moscow, Russia, 1995 - Probation in Liege University, Liege , Belgium. Beznosyk Y.O. is a co-author of 6 tutorials, a monography and near 500 scientific papers. There were 2 Ph.D. theses and 70 diploma and master works fulfilled and presented under the guidance of Beznosyk Y.O.

E-maіl: yu_beznosyk @