Scientific School


The nature of the school. This is the only scientific school in Ukraine, which now unites professionals with different professional foundations, but connected with one common cause - the construction of mathematical models and their use in the practice of chemical, food, building materials, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, petrochemical and other industries.

The theoretical foundation of the scientific school "Mathematical and Computer Modeling of Chemical and Technological Processes and Systems" made it possible to form at least five applied directions of mathematical modeling: environmental, recipe-product, combinatorial-chemical, automated control systems and systems of sustainable development.

Sustainable development is a new scientific direction of the school. To this direction is joined a block of technogenic safety problems. A software system is being developed that implements the calculation of indices of industrial facility hazards for enterprises located on the territory of Ukraine. The database of the software system contains information on all the natural hazards of Ukraine, as well as information on more than 400 hazardous substances.

Developments in experimental-statistical simulation became very useful in the development of the direction of "Product Engineering". Within this area, methods and approaches are developed for developing technologies and formulations for the production of chemical products with given properties.

The new breath got direction "Mathematical modeling of technological processes". An intelligent decision support system was developed at the department for selecting and modeling processes for the treatment of gas emissions from chemical and related industries. A detailed analysis of the processes and methods for treatment the exhaust gases was carried out.

Application of methods of artificial intelligence - expert systems, genetic algorithms, application of neural networks, knowledge bases for modeling and optimization of processes and schemes of chemical technology. Work is underway on the application of fuzzy logic to decision-making procedures, work on the application of genetic algorithms for solving optimization problems.