The department released more than 800 professionals, successfully working at different technological profile, academic institutions, and data centers, commercial and banking structures not only in Ukraine but also in many countries.

Among the graduates of the department - Dr. S. M. Orlyk (graduated in 1976) - Head of the Institute of Physical Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences; Ph.D. Ye. M. Zemlyak (1978) - leading programmer (USA); V. V. Konyshev (1979) - director of the production company "Irkom-ECT"; V. A. Barbash (1980) - Vice-Rector for Research of the KPI; V. M. Chervoniy (1981) - Deputies of Ukraine 2nd and 3rd convocations of the Rivne Regional State Administration (2004-2006); A. A. Pleskonis (1986) - one of the leaders LLC "Kodak Ukraine"; D. H. Dzhanhirov (1989) - well known Ukrainian journalist and political analyst; A. S. Prohorovskyy (1989) - Director of Trade and Production Company "Ynteron"; H. V. Kublanovskyy (1989) - the CEO PROFIX; D. D. Morozov (1993) - technical director of the corporation "Parus" and many others.