About the Department

January 10, 1974 by the Minister of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the USSR at the Chemical Engineering Department KPI was created Department of Cybernetics of Chemical Technology Processes (CCTP). The establishment of the Department was the result of hard work almost nine small group of enthusiasts led by Alla Grigorievna Bondar recruited force at the Department of Technology of inorganic substances and fertilizers, headed by Professor Alexander Serhijovich Plyhunov, the principal of NTUU “KPI”.

It all started with the fact that in 1965 Prof. A. S. Plyhunov, assessing the needs of the economy in the new profile specialists, introduced in KPI training on new specialty 0834 "The basic processes of chemical productions and chemical cybernetics." KPI became the second university in the Soviet Union, where trained professionals in this specialty. In 1967, the complex process of specialization and the formation of the future of the department headed A. G. Bondar. Together with young graduates of KPI O. T. Popovychem and I. O. Potyazhenkom she attended lectures at the Moscow Chemical-Technological Institute named after D. I. Mendeleyev (MCTI), invited to lecture first students majoring leading teachers of MCTI, looking for like-minded people.

The first release of Engineers held in 1971 and until 1974 was released for four groups of professionals in this specialty.

The first time the department was led A. G. Bondar included: Associate Professor O. V. Sahnenko, H. O. Statyukha, senior teachers R. B. Medvedyev, I. O. Potyazhenko, O. T. Popovych and assistants O. V. Klymenko, Yu. O. Beznosyk, R. M. Kolesnikova.

With extensive organizational experience and tremendous energy A. G. Bondar managed in the shortest time to unite like-minded people who taught students and studied. The result of the educational activities of the department were the courses of lectures that were taught to students of all majors of CTF - "Computer Science in engineering calculations" and "Mathematical modeling in chemical engineering." The latter became a necessity that A. G. Bondar prepared it as a textbook (in 1973 and in 1974 was awarded the Silver Medal Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR). Due to methodological excellence, affordability and simplicity of the mathematical foundation, this textbook is still popular for students. Soon after that there were textbooks like: "Planning experiments in chemical engineering" (A. G. Bondar, H. O. Statyukha, 1976), "Planning an experiment in the optimization of chemical engineering processes" (A. G. Bondar, H. O. Statyukha, and I. O. Potyazhenko, 1980).

The department actively carried out research work. In 1976 was established sectoral research laboratory (SRL) "Design of a typical software" Ministry of Chemical Industry USSR. Increased funding for the Department not only allowed the industry to carry out orders, but also significantly increase the research capabilities of the department, continuously replenish it with new computers and other equipment.

SRL staff, most of whom were graduates of the Department, comply with the most important national economic work, including the establishment of APCS production of ammonia from the coke oven gas at Novolipetsk Steel Plant, a variant of the typical software to manage technological objects of low supply of gas mixtures; process control system multicomponent material in the fluidized bed apparatus, which was first used for such processes apparatus of fuzzy sets, knowledge base and control algorithms based on them; subsystem aided design CAD software Ecology within "Chemical Industry", with which were designed technological wastewater treatment systems for chemical plants. This development was awarded a diploma MW MTR USSR for the best scientific work (1981) and the Medal Exhibition Center of Ukraine (1989). The results of this work are reflected in the books, "System design of chemical-technological systems" (1983) and "PCS in the industry" (1987) with H. O. Statyukhy and R. B. Medvedyeva "Automated designing of chemical-technological systems" (H. O. Statyukha, 1989, in 1991 received the KPI award).

In 1981 passed away A. G. Bondar and head of the department appointed Associate Professor Hennadiy Oleksijovych Statyukha. He continued the work begun by A. G. Bondar in organizational, educational and scientific fields.

Scientific and educational experience of the Department facilitated greater involvement of students in research work and, as a result - improve the quality of their training. Lecturers of the department prepared lectures: "Methods of cybernetics and systems analysis" (Assoc. Prof. S. V. Branovytska, Assoc. Prof. R. M. Kolesnikova); "Mathematical modeling, design and optimization of chemical production" (Assoc. Prof. O. S. Korolov, senior teacher O. T. Popovych); "Software and information support personal computer" (Assoc. Prof. O. O. Kvitka, Assoc. Prof. A. I. Tkachuk); "Mathematical modeling and the use of computers" (Assoc. Prof. O. O. Kvitka, Assoc. Prof. A. I. Tkachuk); "Automation of Chemical Production" (Assoc. Prof. S. H. Bondarenko); "Computer-aided design" (Ph.D. Ye. M. Zemlyak); "Mathematical models of chemical processes" (Assoc. Prof. O. S. Korolov, Assoc. Prof. Yu. O. Beznosyk, senior teacher O. T. Popovych); "CAD in chemical technology" (Assoc. Prof. Yu. O. Beznosyk); "Theory and Practice of Experiment" (Prof. H. O. Statyukha, Assoc. Prof. R. M. Kolesnikova); "Math Materials" (Prof. H. S. Yablonskyy and Prof. H. O. Statyukha); "Managing CTF" (Prof. R. B. Medvedyev). Issued the textbook "Numerical Mathematics in chemical engineering chemistry" (S. V. Branovytska, R.B. Medvedyev, and Yu. Ya. Fialkov, 1986), which still is a necessary guidance for all students of chemical engineer (reissued in 2004, the new edition in Ukrainian); "Automated modeling of continuous and batch processes and systems" (E. M. Zemlyak, H. O. Statyukha, 1993).

Strengthened relations with related departments MCTI, Lviv and Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, Odessa Civil Engineering Institute, Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Chemical Technology, institutes of Novosibirsk, Leningrad, Tallinn, Baku, Yerevan, Kishinev, Krasnodar and others.

Since 1997, the Department preparing specialists in "Chemical Engineering and Computational Chemistry", and since 2000 - the specialty "Computer Integrated processes and production."

And again - the development of new courses of lectures, provide guidance, constantly working on improving skills. Published a monograph "Intelligent Decision Support Systems in the study and design of chemical processes" (H. O. Statyukha, Yu. O. Beznosyk, L. M. Buhayeva 2004), "Analysis of Sustainable Development - global and regional contexts" in 2’s parts (scientific director M. Z. Zgurovsky, H. O. Statyukha, I. M. Dzhyhyrey and others, 2012); tutorials "Analysis and synthesis of chemical-technological systems" (L. M. Buhayeva, Yu. O. Beznosyk, H. O. Statyukha, 2006), "Decision chemical-technological problems with using the program Aspen Plus" (L. M. Bugaev, Yu. O. Beznosyk, H. O. Statyukha 2007), "Planning optimal experiment" (H. O. Statyukha, D. M. Skladannyy, O. S. Bondarenko, 2008) and "Control of Chemical engineering Processes" (R. B. Medvedyev, 2012), as well as the texts of lectures "Information Technologies. 1: Basis of informatics" (Yu. O. Beznosyk, I. M. Dzhygyrey, O. O. Kvitka, H. O. Statyukha, 2007). The teachers created electronic versions of lectures, guidance that are transmitted to students. In courses used software packages created in the department (MIORIT, STAR, STAU, STAT-SENS etc.) and application packages and standard professional programs Windows, MathCad, MATLAB, GAMESS and others.

Prof. H. O. Statyukha prepared and applied for the masters IASA course "Analysis of Sustainable Development of Society" (2007). Since 2008, the teachers of the department are reading this master course for all specialties at university. Published brief terminological dictionary "Sustainability" for masters all directions of study (M. Z. Zgurovsky, H. O. Statyukha, I. M. Dzhyhyrey, "KPI", 2008) and the course "Fundamentals of sustainable development of society" (M. Z. Zhurovskyy, H. A. Statyukha, 2010).

Scientific and educational experience of the Department on the Sustainable Development successfully used internationally. In 2008 was created the Central and Eastern European Institute for Sustainable Development, the purpose of which is to implement educational and scientific development into practice in countries such as Russia, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. Director of the Institute appointed Head of Department Prof. CCTP H. O. Statyukhu, under the guidance of Academician M. Z. Zgurovsky, involving experts of KPI including the Department of CCTP, launched a program to year and a half of training masters on Sustainable Development (IASA).

Today the Department of Cybernetics of Chemical Technology Processes prepares specialists in the field "Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies" and all-elective courses, "Information Technologies," "Computational Mathematics and Programming", "Computer Graphics" bachelor cycle training and "Mathematical optimization Techniques", "Mathematical modeling of processes and systems", "Basic scientific research", "Mathematical modeling and computer applications in chemical technology" for the university master's training. From 2013 began teaching a new course (lectures and laboratory practice) "Automated process control systems in chemical plants" (Assoc. S. H. Bondarenko, Assists. S. L. Merduh) for professionals of СTF.

A year ago, December 17, 2012, died H. O. Statyukha. Acting Head of Department was appointed Assist. Prof. T. V. Boyko.

Over the past year at the Department of Cybernetics CTF has been created three new joint research and teaching laboratories:

  • Joint Ukrainian-Norwegian computer class distance learning for 8 computers; class was named after Prof. H. O. Statyukhy;
  • Training and Application Center strategizing control chemical processes - common laboratory microprocessor technology department of cybernetics of CTF and the company Honeywell Ukraine, which is used in the classroom for all students of CTF and research work of the department;
  • Joint training and research laboratory monitoring environmental sustainability of dual subordination - World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development "KPI" and the Department of CCTP.

Since 2000, the Department replenishes talented graduates. The candidates that had already protected theses O. V. Sanhinova (2003) O. M. Zhyhir (2003) D. M. Skladannyy (2003) A. M. Shahnovskyy (2006) V. I. Bendyuh (2006), J. M. Dzhyhyrey (2007) N. Ye. Telitsyna (2009), S. O. Prymyska (2011), A. O. Abramova (2013).

Today, the department has 20 professors (1 professor, 13 associate professors, 3 senior lecturers, 3 assistants).

Many years of successful activity of the department laid the foundation of a unique scientific school "Mathematical and computer modeling of chemical and technological processes and systems" whose achievement is the establishment of a systematic approach methodology of constructing mathematical models of technological systems of different nature, different scales and for different purposes. Academic V. V. Kafarov highly appreciated the contribution of scientific school and the department generally in science and education of Russia and Ukraine.

Sphere of modern scientific interests of the department associated with the use of modeling techniques and optimization technologies in the chemical and allied industries in different areas:

  • Experimental and statistical modeling (Prof. H. O. Statyukha, Assoc. D. M. Skladannyy, senior teacher N. Ye. Telitsyna);
  • Control of operating systems (Prof. R. B. Medvedyev, Assoc. O.V. Sanhinova, Assoc. S. H. Bondarenko, Assists. S. L. Merduh);
  • Improving product quality (Associate Professor D. M. Skladannyy);
  • Synthesis of optimal schemes of water consumption and industrial water purification (Associate Professor O. O. Kvitka, Assoc. A. M. Shahnovskyy, Assoc. I. M. Dzhygyrey);
  • Technogenic dangers industry (Assoc. Prof. T. V. Boyko, Assoc. V. I. Bendyuh, senior teacher A. O. Abramova, Assists. B. M. Komarysta);
  • Synthesis of complex technological systems (Assoc. Prof. Yu. O. Beznosyk, Assoc. L. M. Buhayeva, senior teacher. S. O. Prymyska, Assists. S. V. Plashyhin);
  • Mathematical modeling of the properties of polymers and polymer systems (Associate Professor O. M. Zhyhir);
  • Sustainable Development of Society (Prof. H. O. Statyukha, Assoc. I. M. Dzhyhyrey).

The department organizes the International Scientific Conference "Computer simulation in chemistry, technology and systems for sustainable development", which was held in 2008 (Cherkassy), 2010 (Kyiv), 2012 (Rubezhnoye) and which was attended by scientists from Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Russia, Hungary, USA, Norway.

The Department maintains close cooperation with the scientific schools of Russia, England, Germany, Poland, USA, Norway, and the Institute of NAS of Ukraine, as well as South Ukraine, Khmelnitsky, Rovno NPP, LLC "Concrete-Complex" (Kyiv, Ukraine), JSC "Terminal M"(Kyiv), Ltd. NPO" Ekosoft "(Kyiv) and Honeywell Ukraine (Kiev). It allows constantly introduce students and graduate students specialization profile of the department with the achievements of advanced science and engineering.

The department released more than 800 professionals, successfully working at different technological profile, academic institutions, and data centers, commercial and banking structures not only in Ukraine but also in many countries.

Among the graduates of the department - Dr. S. M. Orlyk (graduated in 1976) - Head of the Institute of Physical Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences; Ph.D. Ye. M. Zemlyak (1978) - leading programmer (USA); V. V. Konyshev (1979) - director of the production company "Irkom-ECT"; V. A. Barbash (1980) - Vice-Rector for Research of the KPI; V. M. Chervoniy (1981) - Deputies of Ukraine 2nd and 3rd convocations of the Rivne Regional State Administration (2004-2006); A. A. Pleskonis (1986) - one of the leaders LLC "Kodak Ukraine"; D. H. Dzhanhirov (1989) - well known Ukrainian journalist and political analyst; A. S. Prohorovskyy (1989) - Director of Trade and Production Company "Ynteron"; H. V. Kublanovskyy (1989) - the CEO PROFIX; D. D. Morozov (1993) - technical director of the corporation "Sail" and many others.

40 years - it is not a long period of time, compared with the 115 th anniversary of the KPI, but for most teachers of the department it is a lifetime devoted to their high profession. 

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