Fogler Olga

Fogler Olga

Candidate of Physics and Mathematics
Associate professor

Scientific Secretary of the Department


2009 – present: Associate professor of the Department Cybernetics of Chemical Technology Processes (CCTP Dept.), NTUU 'KPI'. 2004-2009: Assistant lecturer of CCTP Dept., NTUU 'KPI'. 2000 – 2015: Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Scientific employee; 2003: Ph.D., thesis: "Structure and properties of ion-conducting polymers based on polyethylene glycol", Area of expertise: Polymer Physics

SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITY. Research in the field of application mathematical modeling to study of the dynamic of macromolecules.

PUBLICATIONS. Author of 53 scientific publications (articles in refereed journals and conference proceedings) and 11 teaching aids.

  1. Vogler О.N., Korskanov V.V., Karpova I.L., Zhygir A.D. Modern high-temperature adhesives with elevated electric and thermal conductivity / International Scientific and Practical Conference WORLD Science "Modern scientific advances and their practical application". - ROST Publishing (United Arab Emirates, Dubai). - 2014 р. 122-124.
  2. Korskanov V.V., Karpova I.L., Zhygir О.M., Dolgoshey V.B. Energy formation of composite materials based on epoxy resin and carbo-nanotubes / International Journal of Research and Production «Ceramics: Science and Life». Kyiv –2014.-№3(24).-p.54-64.
  3. Zhygir O.M., Androschuk K.V., Klepko, V.V., Zhygir A.D. Simulation process of ionic conductivity in a system based on polyethylene glycol and the lithium salt/ Scientific articles IV International Scientific Conference "Computer modeling in chemistry, technology and systems for sustainable development». .- Kyiv 2014.-p.291-296.

TEACHING ACTIVITY. Courses: (i) Fundamentals of design of automations systems and systems of design of experiments; (ii) Mathematical modeling and optimization of the objects of chemical technology; (iii) Mathematical modeling of the basic processes of chemical technology; (iv) Organization and methodology of scientific research; (v) Work with modern integrated complexes; (vi) Computer methods of visualization and modeling of chemical compounds.

ORCID ID 0000-0002-9647-6454